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利兹大学 电影、摄影和媒体申请攻略(硕士)
院校: University of Leeds / 利兹大学 专业: 利兹大学 电影、摄影和媒体申请攻略(硕士) 授予学位: MA 申请难度: 校友评分:

The whole course is based around a major independent project, in which you can create a short film, or photography project. Alternatively, you can choose to complete a written dissertation, whilst taking classes to develop your knowledge of research methods to support your work. Both the core and optional modules you study throughout the course provide you with the theoretical, critical and contextual knowledge you need to inform your project, as well as further developing your creative and technical skills in filmmaking and photography. You'll study two core modules on the course. One will explore the creative and critical links between photography and cinema, allowing you to work on a short film project. The other will explore the historical development of photographic creative practice, within contemporary issues and debates. Alongside these modules, you'll also be able to choose from a range of options, enabling you to engage in topics that interest you, from screenwriting, film industries around the world, to new media, cultural policy, communication and development, television narrative and more.



Compulsory modules:

Cultures of Contemporary Photography

Cinematics and Photography

Optional modules :

From these optional modules, you'll be required to take one 60 credit module

Television Narrative30 credits

Feminism, Identity and Media

Understanding the Audience

International Film Industries

The Media and Democratisation:

Global Perspectives

Popular Music and Society

Dissertation and Research Methods

Innovations in Political Communication

Identity and Cultur

The Cultural History of Promotional Communication

Final Independent Project

Urban Narratives

Stylistic Aesthetics of Chinese Language in Media and Communication 33

Rhetoric and Public Speaking

Managing Business Across Cultures

International Organisations: Context, Theory and Practice

Writing for Professional Purposes

Cultural Policy

Critical Debates in Culture and Place

Story Workshop

Writing for Film and Television

Researching Inequality in the Media

Reality TV: Truth or Fiction?




A bachelor degree with a 2:1 (Hons), preferably with some background in lens-based or image practice.

具有 2:1(荣誉)学士学位,最好具有基于镜头或图像实践的背景。

雅思要求: 雅思成绩6.5,首选7.0且任何技能领域不低于6.0

或 托福总分94(听力不低于21,阅读不低于23,口语不低于23,写作不低于24)









安徽师范大学,本科:文学专业,均分82.7,学生有自己的拍摄作品,录取了传媒学院的 电影,摄影和媒体专业




This course will provide you with a broad knowledge base and creative skills across two important forms of media communication. You'll develop a critical awareness of the broader visual/ media culture to help you have a successful career in the media industries, including the creative and film industries, as well as roles in visual communication.


Additionally, the course’s emphasis on advanced skills in research, critical analysis, interpretation, presentation, and oral/ written communication will give you the skills you need to pursue a career in academia.



This course encourages applications from students whose undergraduate degree has investigated one of the following subject areas:

• creative photography (with evidence of some critical/reflexive writing)

• film practice (including fiction, documentary, experimental)

• film studies/filmology (as long as the applicant is aware that creative practice is at least 50% of this course)

• English literature (if there is significant evidence of creative practice) • fine art (as long as there is evidence of photographic/time-based work)

• media studies (with evidence of creative practice).

• Please note that this course is not specifically ‘vocational’ (a technical skills-based experience), though it will provide you with regular technical support to help you to realise your creative aims within each module.

• All applicants are required to submit a portfolio of recent practical work. Applicants with degrees in other creative subjects, or with relevant professional experience, may also be considered

. • This course includes a substantial amount of theoretical study, so may not be suitable for those with largely practice-based backgrounds. We may request additional documentation to inform our decision. Please note that meeting the entry requirements of this course doesn't guarantee an offer of a place.


• 创意摄影(有一些批判性/反思性写作的证据)

• 电影实践(包括小说、纪录片、实验)

• 电影研究/电影学(只要申请人知道创意实践至少占本课程的 50%)

• 英国文学(如果有创造性实践的重要证据) • 美术(只要有摄影/基于时间的作品的证据)

• 媒体研究(有创造性实践的证据)。

请注意,本课程并非专门针对“职业”(基于技术技能的体验),但它会为您提供定期技术支持,帮助您在每个模块中实现您的创意目标。 所有申请人都必须提交近期实际工作的作品集。也可以考虑拥有其他创意学科学位或具有相关专业经验的申请人。 本课程包括大量的理论学习,因此可能不适合那些主要以实践为基础的背景的人。

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