院校: The University of Hong Kong / 香港大学 专业: Financial Technology 授予学位: Master of Finance 申请难度: 校友评分:



Fundamental Core Courses (Four Courses)

MFIN7005 - Corporate finance and asset valuation (6 credits)  

MFIN7002 - Investment analysis and portfolio management (6 credits)  

FITE7409 - Blockchain and Cryptocurrency (6 credits) 

LLAW6093 - Regulation of financial markets (9 credits) 

Advanced Core Courses (Five Courses)

MFIN6003 - Derivative securities (6 credits) 

MFIN7003 - Mathematical techniques in finance (6 credits) 

MFIN7033 - Advanced financial programming and databases (6 credits) 

MFIN7034 - Machine learning and artificial intelligence in finance (6 credits)

MFIN7037 - Quantitative trading (6 credits)

Capstone Course

MFIN7035 - Big data in finance (6 credits)  

MFFinTech Elective Courses offered by Business School:

MFIN7031 - Introduction to FinTech and its impact on the future of banking and finance (6 credits)  

MFIN7036 - Text analytics and natural language processing in finance and FinTech (6 credits)

MFIN7004 - Financial services regulations (6 credits)

MFIN7013 - Seminar in commercial banking and real estate financing (6 credits)

MFIN7014 - Fund management and alternative investments (6 credits)

MFIN7015 - Behavioral finance (6 credits)

MFIN7016 - Real options and dynamic corporate finance (6 credits)

MFIN7025 - Entrepreneurship in finance: hedge funds, private equity and venture capital (6 credits)

MFIN7029 - Asian financial markets (6 credits)

MFIN7030 - Current topics in finance (6 credits)

MFIN7032 - Equity valuation and investment management (6 credits)

MFIN7047 - Entrepreneurial finance and innovation strategy (6 credits)

MFFinTech Elective Courses offered by Faculty of Engineering

DASC7606 - Deep Learning (6 credits)

FITE7410 - Financial Fraud Analytics (6 credits)

MFFinTech Elective Courses offered by Faculty of Law 

LLAW6046 - Privacy and data protection (9 credits)

LLAW6126 - E-Finance: law, compliance and technology challenges (9 credits)

LLAW6256 - Law of anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing and compliance issues (9 credits)

  1. 成绩单(中英文盖章件)
  2. 在读证明或毕业学位证(中英文盖章件)
  3. 语言成绩
  4. 简历及工作证明(如有)
  5. 两封推荐信
  6. 个人陈述
  7. GRE/GMAT(不是强制要求)
  8. 其他奖项等(如有)

PS 个人陈述写作框架:

Part 1. 你的目标专业是什么?为什么要申请这个专业?你对目标专业的理解是怎样的?你为何能匹配这个专业? 

Part 2.高中/本科/硕士的学习科目,掌握技能和取得的成绩。

Part 3.课外活动和实习经历以及工作经历。

Part 4: 为什么申请这个学校? 为什么要申请这个大学的这个专业? 

Part 5. 职业规划(不同目标专业的职业规划)短期目标&长期目标


Mathematics and computer science have become widely-used tools and driving forces in the development of modern finance industry, such as algorithm trading(算法交易), cry ptocurrencies(数字货币), and mobile payment(移动支付). The purpose of this statement is to describe my wonderful experiences, how my career objective of being a technical sales specialist(技术销售专家senior) in a Fin Tech company(金融科技公司) has been developed, and why I am strongly motivated to apply for MSc in Computer Science in the University of XX.

As a technical-oriented person, I am passionate about utilizing and applying cross-disciplines knowledge to solve financial problems. Driven by this interest, I have taken two internships in quantitative trading(数量化交易), and both involved a plenty of use of mathematical modelling(数学建模计算) as well as programming.

In WanKun Investment, I used R Scripts(R脚本) to automatically fetch and reprocess(取出再加工)the data and built automatic interactive GUI to complete automatic transaction. This experience made me realize that computer science could substantially improve the speed, accuracy and reliability of trading execution(交易和执行)compared to traditional manual work. Therefore, after that, I continuously sought for work opportunities related to Fin Tech and I then took the internship in Haitong Securities(海通证券) where I work as the structurer(结构师,金融行业术语). Haitong were applying for qualification of option market making(期权交易/期权做市), and according to the regulatory policies of China Securities Regulatory Commission, option market making requires complex high frequency and low latency trading system(低滞后时间的交易系统). Due to the lack of independent development in IT system. Haitong planned to purchase such system from third-party Fin Tech Company, 


Round 1: 12:00 noon (GMT +8), October 19, 2020

Round 2: 12:00 noon (GMT +8), December 14, 2020

Round 3: 12:00 noon (GMT +8), February 3, 2021

Round 4: 12:00 noon (GMT +8), March 9, 2021

Round 5: 12:00 noon (GMT +8), April 7, 2021













2.TOEFL 80+ 或者IELTS总分6.0单项不低于5.5


4.目前开设FinTech 金融科技专业硕士的世界名校:

美国:Harvard ,Michigan,UW Madison,University of Minnesota,Pennsylvania,Columbia,MIT,Princeton,Fordham,Connecticut,Wake Forest,Georgetown,Florida,Duke,UC-Berkeley,Stanford,Colorado Boulder,UCB-Haas,共15所;

香港: 香港科技大学,香港中文大学;



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